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7 Best Sony Wired Headphones for Everyone

7 Best Sony Wired Headphones for Everyone

In this world where people have become quite modern, a few still love to be traditional. Sony has maintained its reputation by providing us with some of the best flagship headphone models.

Wireless has grabbed the attention of the younger generation. But, the sound experience you get by hearing your favorite music through Sony headphones wired devices cannot be undermined.

Chances are, if you love hearing high-quality music, the Sony wired headphones can make you feel excited! How?

Sony has curated an exclusive line of wired headphones for audiophiles that are highly durable and long-lasting. More of that later in the upcoming section of this write-up…

So, let’s cut the story short and divert our attention to the top Sony wired headphones for your needs.

7 Powerful Sony Wired Headphones for Your Needs

Here’s my take on the best and most powerful Sony wired headphones that will satisfy your needs.

1. Sony MDR-Z1R

Sony Wired Headphones


Before we review these Sony noise cancelling wired headphones, it is imperative that you go through some of the specifications that make this Sony headphone the best in the wired category.

Price $1,799.99 at Sony; $1,800.00 at Amazon 
Noise canceling Yes
Connectivity Headphone cable (Gold-plated stereo mini-plug), Balanced connection headphone cable (L-shaped gold-plated balanced standard plug), Wired

This wired headphone consists of massive 70mm HD drivers, the full-range sound of maximum 120kHZ and high-resolution audio compatibility.

With the help of these seamless features in the product, you are able to listen to music in the best possible way. The silver-coated OFC cables, Fibonacci-patterned grills, and resonance-free housing raise the high-resolution sound experience.

This helps you get a sound experience that makes you feel rather than hear the music!

It comes with resonance-free housing, which aids in removing unwanted sounds. As with any other Sony headphones, the MDR-Z1R is above-par in terms of sound quality and performance. The material used in developing the product is high-class, which ensures the best quality music to your ears.

Final Verdict: If you are looking for Sony wired headphones that are highly durable and above par in terms of performance, choose Sony MDR-Z1R today!

2. Sony MDR-Z7M2

Sony Wired Headphones


Before we take an in-depth look at this Sony wired headphone, let us look at some of the specifications that make this headphone one of the best in its category.

Price  $598 at Amazon; $599.99 at Sony 
Noise canceling No
Connectivity Wired, Balanced-connection headphone cable (L-shaped gold plated balanced standard plug and Gold-plated stereo mini plug)

These Sony wired headphones without mic come in a wide frequency range which aids in bringing out the best in terms of sound experience. This makes these wired headphones one of the best for listening to high-resolution music.

When you first put on these headphones, they appear thick and massive, like velvet. But, if you think they are not tightly packed, you are absolutely wrong. The added advantage is its mechanical noise reduction which is immaculate. 

In terms of sound quality, Sony MDR-Z7M2 is better than the Sony MDR-Z1R. The bass is more pronounced. You can control the sound a little better. The impedance of the headphones also adds little weight. You can also explore headphones for you.

The salient feature of this Sony headphone is its 70mm driver, which is highly adaptable when it comes to music quality. It even reduces the outside noise. Its Fibonacci-patterned grill assists in reducing high-frequency distortion.

Final Verdict: Overall, the Z7M2 is pleasant to the ears of the listeners. It comes with deep, resonant bass. Its track is highly enticing; however, this results in a sacrifice of its overall precision.

3. Sony MDR-1AM2

Sony Wired Headphones


Before we take an in-depth look at this sony noise canceling headphone, let us look at some of the specifications that make it one of the best in its category.

Price $299.99 at Sony; $298.00 at Amazon
Noise canceling Yes
Connectivity Gold-plated L-shaped Stereo Mini, Wired
Battery Life None

These types of Sony wired headphones over ear come in closed-back, enclosing design which aids in isolating the outside noise. Thanks to its precision acoustics, you can enjoy the great sound in your ears. The closed-back design of the headphones aids in increasing the bass characteristics in your music. This helps you to feel the beat.

It comes with pressure-relieving cushions and synthetic leather earpads that provide great comfort and durability. Due to its ultra-light design, it gives you the liberty to enjoy seamless music for long periods of time without experiencing any inconvenience in your ears.

The added benefit of these Sony headphones is you can carry them wherever you go. Thanks to its shovel design, it is very easy to store while traveling. You can even store the earcups in a bag as they are in a flat swivel shape.

Final Verdict: This Sony wired headphone is great for your ears. Thanks to its noise-canceling feature, you can enjoy the music for longer periods of time without any outside interference.

4. Sony MDR-XB550AP

Sony Wired Headphones


Before we take a closer look at this Sony wired headphones with mic, let us look at some of the specifications that make it one of the best in its category.

Price $64.95 at Walmart
Noise Canceling No
Connectivity Wired, Connection headphone cable 3.5 mm L-shaped

These Sony earphones with mic come with long-lasting durability. You can wear them around your neck and store them in your gym bag. The flat 1.2m cable is highly durable, ensuring you do not spend much time entangling the knots before using it to listen to your favorite music.

It comes with soft, well-cushioned pads that firmly adhere to your ears and are also not painful. The only loophole is it does not consist of a noise canceling feature, but it still does a fantastic job of blocking out external noise.

These Sony wired headphones with mic comes with sliding adjustment of the supporting headband. This provides added comfort, which enables you to stretch it out on both ends. This is extremely useful, especially when the initial fit is not fitting right.

Final Verdict: These Sony earphones with mic are quite snappy and warm. And the amazing part is its bass does not become overpowering. You will surely appreciate these headphones if you love pop and rock music. 

5. Sony MDR-10R

Sony Wired Headphones


Before we look in-depth into these Sony Bluetooth headphones, it is imperative to divert our attention to some specifications that make these Sony headphones an ultimate winner.

Price  $179.99 at Sony
Noise canceling Yes
Connectivity Detachable cord, Bluetooth connectivity

These Sony noise canceling headphones produce studio-like sound quality and come with sub-titles for every song you play on it. You can unwind with an audio experience that cannot be compared with any other Sony Bluetooth headphones.

The good news is that even if you raise these headphones’ volume, the sound quality is not distorted. Due to its comfortable wear, you can wear these headphones extensively without any discomfort.

Thanks to its Android or iPhone’s in-built controller and microphone functionality, you can easily remain in touch with your friends and family. The cordless headset ensures you can speak with anyone on calls in hands-free mode.

Final Verdict: These Sony Bluetooth headphones are a pleasure to your ears. You can wear them for long periods without facing any discomfort. 

6. Sony MDR-ZX660AP

Sony Wired Headphones


Before we divert our attention to these Sony wired headphones MDR, it becomes necessary to look at some specifications that make this product a must-buy for your needs.

Price $119.99 at Sony
Noise Canceling No
Connectivity Wired, flat, single-sided 1.2m cable

These Sony wired headphones MDR have been designed to fit perfectly around your neck. They can even be tucked in a sports bag. The pads are so well-cushioned that they make your ears feel like gloves. Neither are they too tight to bother you.

The good news is even without the noise canceling feature; the pads work like wonders in keeping the outside noise at bay. Compared to the more expensive Sony wired headphones that offer multiple drivers to cover different frequency spectrum ranges, this wired headphone has a single 40mm driver in each cup.

Final Verdict: These headphones have a well-managed bass that sounds powerful and warm. Overall, it is a great product to have at your place to hear low-end pop and rock music!

7. Sony MDR-ZX110

Sony Wired Headphones


Before we take an in-depth look at this sony noise canceling headphone, let us look at some of the specifications that make it one of the best in its category.

Price $34.99 at Sony; $38.35 at Amazon 
Noise Canceling Yes
Connectivity The L-shaped stereo small connector on the other end of the flat Y-type cable helps minimize tangling.
Battery Life 80 hours of battery life

These Sony wired headphones are highly portable, which makes them easy to take wherever you go. Thanks to its swiveling earcups, you can store the headphones when they are not in use. You can listen to music and at the same time make heads-free phone calls using an in-line controller and microphone on the headphone wire. There is no need to remove the headphones if you wish to switch between music and phone calls.

Due to its closed-back, enclosing design, you do not feel any outside interference while listening to soothing music encircling your ears. You can hear even the tiniest of noises thanks to the acoustics bounce back to your ears. The closed-back is especially useful to maximize the bass effect so you can listen to every music beat.

The headband that you get on these headphones is self-adjusting. So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing music anywhere, anytime!

Final Verdict: These Sony noise canceling headphones are a must for those who look to enjoy every beat of the music. Due to their high portability, you can easily carry these wired headphones anywhere!

Sony Wired Headphones


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Concluding Thoughts

Here you go; these are some of the most powerful Sony wired headphones that will satisfy your need to listen to quality music. This list has been curated after careful deliberation by our editors to shortlist some of the best-wired headphones for music lovers. 

Enjoy this write-up as our treat to all of you music buffs. Now, the ball is in your court to shortlist the one you feel can meet your needs.

So, which one of these headphones are you looking to buy? Please share your thoughts with us. 

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