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Samsung Galaxy S23: Release Date, Specification, News

Samsung Galaxy S23: Release Date, Specification, News

If you are a serious Samsung series lover, we have got good news for you! Multiple rumors are going on about the Samsung Galaxy S23 release date, price, and features of the next Samsung phone.

We can totally understand your excitement and curiosity about the Samsung Galaxy S23. Thus we’ve covered all the information we’ve got so far for you to know everything you should know about the next Samsung phone.

The last few updates from Samsung felt more iterative than innovative, except in the Ultra model, bringing the Galaxy Note back to life and making Galaxy S23 the most awaited smartphone of the year 2023. 

Though there is no official announcement from the company side, if we look at the release date’s trend, there is a high chance of rumors being true.

Moreover, keeping news leaks in mind, we can also anticipate a pretty enough picture of the next Samsung phone.

We won’t keep you waiting for more! Keep reading this blog to know the next Samsung phone’s release date, price, camera features, storage, design updates, display features, and battery data.

Quick Comparison Between Samsung S23, Galaxy S23, and Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy S23  Galaxy S23 Plus  Galaxy S23 Ultra 
Display 6.1-inch, 2340X1080 pixel, 422ppi, 48-120Hz Dynamic AMOLED, Gorilla Glass Victus 2 6.6-inch, 2340X1080 pixel, 390ppi, 48-120Hz Dynamic AMOLED, Gorilla Glass Victus 2  6.8-inch, 3080X1440 pixel, 500ppi, 1-120Hz Dynamic AMOLED, Gorilla Glass Victus 2
Dimensions 146 X 70.6 X 7.6mm 157.4 X 75.8 X 7.6mm 163.4 X 78.1 X 8.9mm, 233g. weight 
Main Camera  50MP, F1.8 Aperture, 23mm, 1/1.56” sensor size, OIS, PDAF  50MP, F1.8 Aperture, 23mm, 1/1.56” sensor size, OIS, PDAF  Custom 200MP ISOCELL HPX Sensor, OIS, Dual PDAF
Telephoto Camera  10MP, 3.0X optical zoom, F2.4 aperture, 69mm, ⅓.49” sensor size 10MP, 3.0X optical zoom, F2.4 aperture. 69mm, ⅓.49” sensor size 10MP, 3.0X optical zoom, F2.4 aperture. 69mm, ⅓.52” sensor size

10MP, 10.0X optical zoom, F4.9 aperture. 230mm, ⅓.52” sensor size for 2nd Telephoto Camera
Ultra-wide Camera  12MP, F2.2 aperture, 13mm, ½.55” sensor size 12MP, F2.2 aperture, 13mm, ½.55” sensor size  12MP, F2.2 aperture, 13mm, ½.55” sensor size
Hardware  Snapdragon 8 Gen
2,8GB RAM + 128GB, 8GB RAM + 256GB storage 
Snapdragon 8 Gen
2,8GB RAM + 128GB, 8GB RAM + 256GB storage 
Snapdragon 8 Gen
2,12GB RAM + 256GB, 12GB RAM + 512GB, 12GB RAM + 1TB 
Battery  3900mAh, 25 wired, 15W wireless charging  4700mAh, 45 wired, 15W wireless charging 5000mAh, 45 wired, 15W wireless charging

Keep reading the blog further to get in-detailed leaked information about Samsung Galaxy S23. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Release Date:

samsung galaxy s23

(Galaxy S23 and S23+ design)


According to the news, the Samsung S23 is supposed to be released in early February in the United States. There were also rumors that Samsung Galaxy S23 will get released on the 5th Jan at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, but we have another delayed release date for the Samsung S23 – the most awaited next Samsung phone.

Though there is no particular date and venue for the release of the Samsung S23, the rumors say that it will be shown at Samsung’s Unpacked event in the United States – San Francisco in the first week of  February. The reliability and truthfulness of the rumors can be confirmed only when the company releases the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Prices:

samsung galaxy s23

(Galaxy S23 and S23+ design)


The pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S23 is expected to be between $799 to $1199 based on the variety of models. Nonetheless, there can be a spike of $50 or $100 per model, keeping inflation and market economics in mind.

The pricing of Samsung S22 models is as follows: 

Samsung Galaxy S22: $800.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: $1,000.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: $1,200.

Samsung S23’s Expected Camera Features:

samsung galaxy s23

(Galaxy S23 and S23+ design)


According to rumors, there will be no major change in Samsung Galaxy S23’s camera except in the Ultra model. The upgrade is said to be the new main camera sensor along with Samsung’s camera group, separated by a corporate firewall and a 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor launched early this year.

It is also said that the new Samsung Galaxy S23 will have an advanced and upgraded ISOCELL HP2 resulting in improved results for night photography. If that is the case, we are sure it will be the game changer for the mobile photography industry and the biggest leap from a leading mobile company.

Let us tell you that there are already improved features and technology incorporating AI and machine learning along with the custom chip to improve the user experience. Now, it’s all on Samsung if they can take the game to the next level.

Besides the major change mentioned above, rumors say there will be no other changes. All the features will remain almost the same, including a set of camera options across the board with the same ultrawide cameras to the same 10X telephoto zoom lens on the Galaxy S23 Ultra while having the same specs as the last year.

It is expected that Galaxy S23 will have a 50MP sensor for the main camera, a 12MP ultrawide lens, and a 10MP zoom. Although Galaxy S phones have been using a 10MP front sensor for years now, there can be upgrades this year for vivid videos and slaying selfies with up to 12MP shots. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Storage:

samsung galaxy s23

(Galaxy S23 Plus)


There is no wonder if you see better storage options in the next Samsung phone, as Samsung is the manufacturer of its own RAM memory and internal flash storage chips resulting in better affordability of generous gigabytes. We can expect higher storage capacity in the Ultra version if not in other models.

Additionally, with the better camera features, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will need better storage to store huge raw files and 8K footage, so better storage looks very reasonable and trustworthy rumor.

Did we say that Samsung has recently announced its latest version of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) solution with mass production of the 4.0 version during the third quarter of this year, resulting in better speed and efficiency for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?

Considering everything mentioned above, you can expect improvement in the storage solution. 

Samsung S23 Design Changes:

samsung galaxy s23

(Galaxy S23 Ultra)


If we believe the leaked renders about the changes in the next Samsung phone, there won’t be any major noticeable change in the design of Samsung 23 compared to its previous and 22-line models. 

Though the base S23 and the S23 Ultra are almost the same in design, there can be a slight difference in the camera layout and the edges, as most smartphone manufacturers carry out incremental changes with each design and each launch.

However, if we believe another news leak, the S23 Ultra will have the same dimension and design as the S22 Ultra.

Another Tweet says that we can see that there is a slight change in the curvature with a squarer look instead of rounded edges. The changes in the design will also change how we hold the phone and the model’s grip. It is said that the change in the Samsung Galaxy S23 is because of the internal metal frame of the device that is wider on the edges, requiring a sharper curve than previous models. 

Display Features

samsung galaxy s23

(Galaxy S23 and S23+ design)


Regarding the display features of the Samsung Galaxy S23, we can say that the screen size is more likely to be the same as Galaxy S22. As Samsung already has amazing display features on all Galaxy S phones, there are rare chances of disappointment. All the Galaxy S series phones have active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) screens with 120Hz refresh rates, making them extremely smooth for onscreen motion with colorful and bright pictures.

Samsung S23 is expected to have a 6.1-inch display running at above Full HD resolution, 2340 x 1080 pixels leading to better power management. At the same time, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra are supposed to have a 6.6-inch and 6.8-inch display, respectively, with 3088 x 1440 pixels.

Besides the display, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is also rumored to have the brightest screen. Currently, iPhone 14 Pro can hit maximum brightness with 2000 nits, but Samsung S23 may beat the record by 2150 or more. It is also said that the lab test suggests the blast of 2500 nits, which will blast and blind a human eye. If the rumors turn out to be true, Samsung will achieve the title of having the brightest screen so far. Lastly, we can’t see any changes in the fingerprint scanner. 


samsung galaxy s23

(Galaxy S23 and S23+ design)


There is nothing much sensational regarding battery upgrades of the Samsung Galaxy S23, as according to rumors, there will be hardly any improvement in the battery life and power management. Though there will be little increment in the battery size leading to a few hundred milliampere hours (mAh), the battery will be the same as last year, with 5,000mAh in the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The Galaxy S23 will have a 3900mAh battery, up from 3700, whereas the Galaxy S23+ will get a minor boost to 4700mAh, up from 4500. There is no difference in charging speed, and it will be the same as the Samsung 22 at 25W. However, the charging speed for Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra will be up to 45W, resulting in almost 50% faster-charging capacity. Furthermore, there is nothing exciting about the wireless charging as it will be the same as 15W.

Nonetheless, it is nowhere near the competitors as they provide a charging capacity of 60W or even 120W in some cases. 

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samsung galaxy s23

(Galaxy S23)


When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S23, there’s no doubt about the connectivity options for sure. But what’s exciting is the likeness of getting satellite services for emergencies, the same as the iPhone 14.

According to rumors, the satellite services will be possible because of Samsung’s partnership with Iridium Communications. There is no clarity on whether all the models will have low-orbit satellites to send text messages and low-res images and how Samsung will charge for the services.

Furthermore, we can also expect Samsung’s support for Dish Network’s specific 5G radio bands; it is worth noting that iPhone 14 Pro is currently the only model that supports Dish-specific 5G bands. If Samsung launches the feature, too, it will be fun to see the competition.     

Samsung S23 Software:

Though there is quite a good information leaked and rumored before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23, there needs to be more information available when it comes to software features. It is rumored that Galaxy S23 will use Android 13, on top of Samsung OneUI 5, while having no note-worthy updates on upgrades and how long Samsung will support the OS update on the Galaxy S23. 

As Samsung OneUI is very much identical to the Android system of Google’s Pixel phones, it would be interesting to see how Samsung makes it better by filling up the existing gaps in gestures, concepts, and innovation. 

Are You Excited About The Next Samsung Phone? 

After knowing all the probable features and prices of the Galaxy S23 smartphones, are you excited and ready to buy the next big launch of Samsung?

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