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How to Convert Picture to Pdf on iPhone 2023 Guide
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How to Convert Picture to Pdf on iPhone 2023 Guide

Just imagine: You are looking at the picture of your beloved and want to save it into your long-lasting memories. What is the first thing that will come to your mind? The answer is to save it in the best format. And, that is – PDF! Now, the very first thing that you need to do is understand the best mechanism to convert your picture into a PDF. This is especially the case if you are using an iPhone. 

Now I know many people get confused and ask this question: How to convert picture to PDF on iPhone? If you are one of them, today is your lucky day! In this blog, we will help you answer the question, what is holding you back? Start exploring the following sections and get all the relevant information you would ever need!

Why Should You Convert a Picture into a PDF?

Before we see how to convert a picture to pdf on iPhone, let’s also see why you should convert a picture to PDF on iPhone. There are several reasons why you should convert iPhone photos to PDF online.

Firstly, PDFs allow for the compression of multiple images into a single file, making them easier to share and store. This can be particularly useful when sending pictures over email or uploading images to a website, as it reduces the file size and makes the transfer quicker and more efficient.

Another benefit of using PDFs for pictures is that they are more secure than standard image files. PDFs can be password-protected and encrypted, making them less vulnerable to tampering or unauthorized access. This can be especially important when dealing with sensitive or confidential images.

PDFs are also more widely compatible than image files, as they can be opened and viewed on a wide range of devices without specific software or applications. This makes them a convenient and accessible file format for sharing photos, especially when the recipient may not have the same operating system or software as the sender.

Finally, converting pictures to PDFs can be useful when preparing documents or presentations requiring images to be seamlessly integrated into the content. By embedding images into a PDF, they become an integral part of the document rather than a separate file, making the final product more polished and professional-looking.

Which Image Formats Can you Convert to PDF?

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


Here are the image formats that you can convert to PDF:

  • PNG to PDF
  • JPG to PDF
  • TIF to PDF
  • SVG to PDF
  • BMP to PDF
  • IMG to PDF
  • RAW to PDF
  • HEIC to PDF
  • WEBP to PDF

Method 1: Convert Pictures to PDF Using Print Feature

It is easy to convert pictures to pdf on the iPhone with the print option. The print option will allow you to send files knowing that the recipient can easily open, access, and view them regardless of location or device.

Use the below-mentioned steps to convert your picture to PDF:

  • Open the Photos App on your iPhone and then open the image you want to save as PDF. 

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


  • Select the image and click the share button. 

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


  • Choose the print option from the menu (see it at the bottom of the options list). 

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


  • After zooming in on the photo, a new window will emerge, allowing your image to be in PDF format.
  • When you are looking at the PDF, click the share icon again. 

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


  • You can save it to the files on the iPhone. 

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


Now, you can send an image that too in high quality without changing its attributes. 

Method 2: Convert the Picture to PDF On iPhone by Sharing it to the Books

One quick method to convert pictures to PDF is by sharing them with the Books. It does not provide any kind of customization of the outcome. It will create separate pages for each chosen image in the PDF file.

Use the below steps:

  • Click the share button after selecting the pictures. 
  • Choose the books from the Sharing Sheet’s list. If necessary, swipe the row of app icons to the left and right.

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


  • The photos will be saved as a PDF file and opened in Books. Thereafter the conversion, tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen and just choose the Books Application from the list of potential sharing options.

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


  • You can now open the file by clicking on it, and you also have the option to send it to others by clicking on the icon with the three dots and selecting the ‘share PDF’ option. 

Method 3: Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone with iCareFone 

By using the iCareFone application, you can quickly export photos from your iPhone. There are many other useful features in this application. 

A built-in capability allows for the conversion of images to PDFs. You can transfer and export photographs from your iPhone in PDF format at the same time that you export your photos.

Use the following steps:

  • After connecting your iPhone to your computer with a USB cord, install iCareFone. After that, start iCareFone.
  • Choose to manage and select the photo icon. 
  • Click export after selecting the required photos. 
  • By clicking PDF and then next, you may select the format into which the exported photos will be converted.
  • You can now see the PDF files saved on your computer. 
  • The App can also aid you in de-duplicating your pictures. 

Method 4: Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone Using Files App

Now, let’s see how to convert pictures to pdf on iPhone using the Files App. Converting a picture to a PDF on iPhone using the Files App is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps.

  • Open the Files App on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the folder where your picture is located.
  • Tap and hold the picture until a menu appears.
  • Select “Create PDF” from the menu.

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


  • The picture will now open in PDF format.

In case you want to convert multiple photos, then follow these below steps:

  • Click the ‘More’ button available at the top right of the screen. 
  • Select the pictures, and once done, select create PDF by clicking ‘More’ in the bottom right.
  • Your photos will be saved now. You can access them from where the original photos were saved. 

Method 5: Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone Through Online Tools

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone


If you want to know how to convert picture to pdf on iPhone free, this is the best method. 

The method to convert pictures to PDF is through online tools. Many online tools help you to do this task, but we will let you know the top three online tools to do this task. 

1. PDF24Converter

The online tools from PDF24 run right in a web browser without installing a new Without having to download new software to your device, the online tools from PDF24 operate directly in a web browser.

  • To convert pictures into other PDFs, select the right option at the upper side of this page.
  • To select the files you wish to convert to PDF, press on the file selection box on the top side of the screen.
  • Choose the format you wish to convert from at this point.
  • Start the process of converting your photos to PDFs, then save the final PDF files to your PC.

2. iLovePDFConverter

The iLovePDF converter makes it simple for users to convert JPG to PDF. Page numbers and PDF conversion are only a couple of the many handy PDF solutions it offers.

Drag and drop the files to the online tool once you upload the images to create PDF files.  

3. Small PDF Online Converter

Small PDF is a smart online PDF converter that offers around 20 tools. With the drag & drop mechanism, you can quickly and easily convert the PDF to excel, word, office, etc.

It is very simple to convert the files from the cloud drive using the Small PDF tool because it is integrated with Google Drive. However, do note that security may become a concern. 

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1. Can I Use any Apps to Convert Pictures to PDFs On My iPhone? 

Yes, several apps on the App Store can help you convert pictures to PDFs, such as Adobe Scan, CamScanner, and Scanner Pro.

2. Why Would I Want to Convert a Picture to a PDF? 

Converting a picture to a PDF can make it easier to share and view the image, especially if you want to preserve the image’s quality or include multiple pictures in a single document.

3. Can I Share the PDF After I Convert the Picture Into a PDF On My iPhone? 

Once you have converted the picture into a PDF, you can share it via email, message, or other file-sharing options available on your iPhone.

4. Can I Edit the PDF After I Convert the Picture Into a PDF On My iPhone?

Many PDF converter apps offer editing capabilities, such as adding text, signatures, or annotations.

5. Will the Picture Quality be Affected if I Convert the Picture to a PDF?

No, the picture quality won’t be affected if you convert the picture to a PDF. Even if it happens, it will happen for good – which means the picture quality will improve. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you know how to convert pictures to pdf on iPhone. We have discussed various ways to do so. You can choose the suitable method to do so, and if one method does not work, you can try the other methods for converting the image to PDF. 

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