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How to Connect Airpods to iPhone? Step-By-Step Guide
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How to Connect Airpods to iPhone? Step-By-Step Guide

If you are a music lover, you would have heard about the AirPods; also, there are huge chances you have used this gadget.

If you have Air Pods, you need to know how to connect them to the iPhone. As an Apple user, you must know this trick. If you cannot do this, your AirPods wouldn’t be useful.

Initially, when Apple designed the Air Pods to connect to the iPhone, thus pairing them was quite easy. But there are chances that you may face problems connecting the Air Pods to the iPhone. Through this blog, you will learn how to connect AirPods to iPhone connect the Air Pods to the iPhone.  

Whether you have an AirPods or AirPods Pro, you will be able to know how to connect AirPods pro to iPhone.

Why Does AirPods Have Great Sound?

The people who have used AirPods know about their amazing sound quality. They feel great in the ear, support cutting-edge features like Siri and automated audio balance, and feel excellent in the ears.

One thing that makes the AirPods so powerful is their W1 chip. This particular chip supports many AirPods features; the most convenient is their setup. 

What Are the Requirements for Using AirPods?

It is not that you can connect AirPods only with the iPhone. You can connect the AirPods even to the Mac, Apple Watch, and Android. 

Here are the necessities to interface the AirPods with this large number of gadgets:

  • A watchOS 3 or later-running Apple Watch.
  • a Mac with macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or a later version.
  • An Apple TV with tvOS 10.2 or a later version.
  • A product made by a different company that supports Bluetooth audio.

Why Your AirPods Do Not Connect?

There may be many issues with your AirPods do not connect to the iPhone, like low battery, firmware issues, connection bugs, and can cause connection problems. 

Sometimes, the dirt in your ears can accumulate inside the buds and interrupt the connection. Other times, a flaw or defect in the firmware of your AirPods can ruin Bluetooth searching, or Bluetooth may malfunction and fail to detect your AirPods.

How to Connect Your AirPods to an iPhone?

Let’s see how to pair AirPods to iPhone; use the following tips:

Keep the Airpods in the Case and Close It

Keep the AirPods in the case for around 15 to 20 seconds. Apart from this, make sure that the AirPods are charged enough before you try to connect them. So, before you know how to sync AirPods to iPhone, ensure you have charged them fully. 

Visit the Home Screen of Your Iphone

If you own an old iPhone, you can do this by squeezing the home button at the lower part of the screen. You need to swipe up from the lower part of the screen for iPhone X or the new model rapidly.

Open the AirPods Case Next to the Iphone

You need to keep your AirPods in the open case as close to the iPhone as possible for better results. 

Click ‘Connect’ When You Get to See the Prompt That Appears on the Iphone.

how to connect airpods to iphone


If you’re connecting your AirPods for the first time to this iPhone, the setup screen will walk you through various options, like turning on “Hey Siri.”

Follow the Instructions on the Screen and Click ‘Done’ to Connect. 

how to connect airpods to iphone


You can avoid these steps by clicking the “X” in the top-right corner of the pop-up window. 

Once you learn how to link AirPods to iPhone successfully connect the AirPods to the iPhone, they will quickly reconnect each time you put them in the ears. You don’t have to go through the setup process again & again. You will get a notification at the top of the screen letting you know the AirPods are connected.

how to connect airpods to iphone


How to Connect the AirPods Manually to the iPhone?

You need to know how to pair AirPods with iPhone manually with the iPhone if you can’t see the Connect button or are having trouble doing so.

You must keep the AirPods in the case and close it in order to connect them manually to the iPhone. Open the case next to the iPhone, then press and hold the back button until a white light blinks. At last, click ‘Connect’ when it appears on the screen.

how to connect airpods to iphone


The status light will be on the front side of the case, assuming that you have the AirPods Star. The light should be visible inside the situation, assuming that you have a more established model. 

how to connect airpods to iphone


What to Do When Your AirPods don’t Connect?

Use the following tips when your AirPods do not connect to the iPhone. 

Turn Bluetooth On & Off

how to connect airpods to iphone


The easiest fix is when the AirPods do not connect to the iPhone, then try turning the Bluetooth on and off. This technique will reset the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings, allowing you to connect to the AirPods. 

Turn the Bluetooth off, then go to settings>Bluetooth and click the slider next to the Bluetooth. When the slider is green, Bluetooth is on. By pressing the Bluetooth icon in the Control Center on your iPhone, you can easily rapidly turn Bluetooth on and off.

Disable the Low Power Mode

how to connect airpods to iphone


Some users face the problem of connecting the AirPods while in the low power mode. The setting helps to keep your iPhone active when the phone’s battery is low. However, until this setting is turned off or the iPhone has been charged past 80%, some functionalities might not function.

To turn off the low power mode on the iPhone, visit settings>battery and click the slider close to the low power mode. At the point when the slider is dim, it implies it is off. One can likewise switch it off from the control place on the iPhone by tapping the yellow battery symbol. 

Change the Audio Output on the iPhone to Your AirPods

how to connect airpods to iphone


If your AirPods are connected to an iPhone, your music may be played from another Bluetooth device, but you cannot hear it. You only have to switch your sound result on the iPhone, and you ought to have the option to hear the music from the AirPods. 

To see the sound result on the iPhone, open the control community and press the AirPlay button. This button looks like a triangle with circles from the top in the upper-right corner of your screen. At last, pick your AirPods from the rundown to change the sound result.

Disconnect OIther Bluetooth Devices from Your iPhone

how to connect airpods to iphone


On the off chance that you have numerous earphones, speakers, and other sound gadgets, your iPhone may naturally interface with the iPhone before your AirPods. Thus, if you need to associate your AirPods with the iPhone, you should separate different gadgets first. 

Reset the AirPods

If anything mentioned above does not work, it’s time to reset the AirPods to the factory settings. It will remove the AirPods from all the other devices on the iCloud account.

how to connect airpods to iphone


To reset the AirPods:

  1. Navigate to the settings > Bluetooth and click the “I” button at the right of your AirPod’s name.
  2. Scroll down and click ‘Forget the device’.
  3. Click the ‘Forget the device’ in the pop-up window. 

Update the iPhone 

how to connect airpods to iphone


Apple suggests users have the latest software update of the iPhone while connecting the AirPods. Only iPhones running iOS 13.2 and later can use AirPods Pro. iOS 12.2 and later are compatible with AirPods 2. With iOS 10 and later, AirPods 1 functions.

To update the iPhone, visit settings – general – software update. Here, your iOS version will be displayed. If there is any update available, click download and then install. Keep the iPhone charging while the update completes. 

how to connect airpods to iphone


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1. How to Set Up the Airpods?

First, visit the home screen of your iPhone. When your AirPods are charging, keep them near your iPhone. Setup navigation will appear then. Make sure the 

2. How to Connect the AirPods with iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR supports the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Greater range, faster speeds, increased broadcast message capacity, and improved interoperability with other wireless technologies are all features of Bluetooth 5.0.

3. How to Connect the Airpods to the Apple Watch?

To connect the AirPods to the Apple watch, you need to ensure that you have already paired the AirPods to the iPhone or iPad. Open the control center on the watch, click the ‘audio output’ icon and select the Apple watch. 

4. How to Connect the Airpods to the Mac?

Open System Preferences on your Mac and choose Bluetooth > Turn Bluetooth On. Open the case lid while your AirPods are inside, then press the button on the case till the status light blinks. Go to Connect.

5. How to Connect the AirPods to the Peloton?

To connect the AirPods to the Peloton, click settings, then Bluetooth audio. Push the button on the AirPods case while the headphones are still in it to make the status light flicker. Find your AirPods on the Peloton display and tap Connect.

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Final Thoughts

At last, to listen to music through the AirPods, you must successfully connect the AirPods to the iPhone. For this, you will require proper knowledge, and this blog is a very good guide to successfully connecting the AirPods to the iPhone.

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